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A Jovian Night's Dream Infoboxes

Because of the great bulk of infoboxes that A Jovian Night's Dream has produced, this serves as a database for them. Posted in the order of uploading, so the earlier ones are out of date.

If not stated otherwise, the infobox was created by Archangel Michael, the creator of the universe in question.

King Philip II. Princess Catherine. Imperial Eagle Crash. Victoria I. (information no longer valid)

Benjamin G. Thurman. (information no longer valid)

Jake Dupree. (information no longer valid)

House Washington. United States of America. (USA update) (information no longer valid)

American Commonwealth Country. (information no longer valid)

Acidalian Civil War. Elijah V. Crowder. (information no longer valid)

Democratic Party. (information no longer valid)

Horst Gessler. Federal German Empire. Frederich Wilhelm VII. (information no longer valid)

Commonwealth of England. Horace Whatley. (information no longer valid)

Kingdom of Australia. Kirsten Bryce. Leopold VII of Australia. (information no longer valid)

Soviet Union. (information no longer valid)

Japan. Saito Makoto. (information no longer valid)

Douglas Grayson. (information no longer valid)

Andrew Oldfield. (information no longer valid)

Late night talk and comedy shows in USA. (information no longer valid)

Virginia Hardy-Jones. Commonwealth of New England. NE premier election, 2082. (information no longer valid)

U.S. Armed Forces. U.S. Foreign Legion. Office of Frontier Security. (information no longer valid)

U.S. Congress. (information no longer valid)

Olympic Games. (information no longer valid)

Anton Cannon. Moon Games. Venus Games. Mars World Summer & Winter Games. Europa World Games. (information no longer valid)

PBS. (information no longer valid)

Federated German Empire. (information no longer valid)

Anglia. (information no longer valid)

John Edwards. (information no longer valid)

American National Party. Republican Party. Green Party. New Progressive Party. Constitution Party. Benjamin G. Thurman. Thaddeus Mercer. Sergio Brown. Jordyn Blythe. (information no longer valid)

British Empire. (information no longer valid)

United States of Greater Austria (information no longer valid)

2080 U.S. presidential election. (information no longer valid)

2080 U.S. presidential election. (information no longer valid)

Ben Griffin.

Olaf Eikmeier.

Ionian Mutiny. (out of date)

2130 Bosporus premieral election. (colors out of date)

Lyndon LaRouche. Jim Jones.

David Duke.

2130 WV State Lawyers' Sequence election. 2130 PA State Steel Industry Sequence election.


Hyale King. (out of date?)

Avram Rivera.

Big Five. (CBS, NBC, Disney Channel, PBS, DuMont.)

2132 United Arab Republics general election.

John Lyman Sears. (out of date)

Rajendra Parrikar.

Shintaro Kogami.

2133 Xanadu premieral election. (corrections)

2137 Xanadu premieral election.

Shiloh Pearle Ridley. (out of date?)

Scot Burr. (out of date)

2134 FIFA World Cup.

National Football League. Major League Baseball. Major League Lacrosse. 2133 Canada federal election. Christian Bergeron.

Ada Nikasa.

2141 Xanadu premieral election. 2143 Barasses gubernatorial election. (corrections) (speculative)

2132 Columbia general election (not canon!)

2145 Xanadu premieral election. 2147 Barasses gubernatorial election. (corrections) (speculative)

2149 Xanadu premieral election. 2151 Barasses gubernatorial election. (corrections) (speculative)

Rick Perry. Trent Lott.

Billy Blythe.

Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Bill Nye.

2127 Dacia premieral election.

2131 Dacia premieral election.

2135 Dacia premieral election.

Second Whaling War.

2139 Dacia premieral election. (speculative?)

2153 Xanadu premieral election.

John Lyman Sears. (out of date)

Harriman v. Peña.

Ionian Mutiny

2131 Galileo premieral election.

2135 Galileo premieral election.

2132 Mexico general election. 2133 Australia federal election. 2133 Scotland general election.

2134 Annam presidential election. 2131 Argentina presidential election.

Renato Cabral Campos.

2143 Dacia premieral election. (speculative)

John Lyman Sears. Hyale King. Mario Fowler.

Jake Hipper. USW.

George C. Wallace Sr.

John D. Durant. (created by Daltonia)

Republic of Wales. (created by Turquoise Blue)

Xanadu Range War.

Democrats & Republicans. (out of date)

Current State and Territorial Governors in the Commonwealth of Xanadu.

Xanadu Commonwealth Legislature. 2136 Xanadu Senate special election in Chiron.

Presidents of the United States.

State of Eurydike. Jeremy Hurdle. State Legislature of Eurydike.

2133 Valhalla premieral election.

2139 Cassini premieral election. 2139 Saragossa premieral election. (speculative?)

2133 Cornucopia premieral election.

2137 Cornucopia premieral election. (speculative?)

2141 Cornucopia premieral election. (speculative)

2145 Cornucopia premieral election. (speculative)

U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means.

2132 U.S. presidential election in Terra.

2132 U.S. presidential election in Nearside.

2132 U.S. presidential election in Farside.

Harrison Duvall. J.D. Welk. Duke Calderon. Adele Calderon.


2134 Illinois gubernatorial election. Illinois General Assembly.

2132 Indiana gubernatorial election. 2134 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. 2134 Michigan gubernatorial election. 2133 MI UAW election.

2134 Minnesota gubernatorial election.

2134 California gubernatorial election. 2134 Oregon gubernatorial election. 2132 Washington gubernatorial election.

State of Florida. (created by nothingnow)

2134 Arizona gubernatorial election. 2134 New Mexico gubernatorial election. 2134 Texas gubernatorial election.

2131 Louisiana gubernatorial election. 2133 Mississippi gubernatorial election. 2134 Alabama gubernatorial election.

2052 Japan general election. (created by Turquoise Blue)

Jack Lodge. Rose Kennedy Lodge. (Jack Lodge out of date)

2134 Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina gubernatorial elections. 2131 Virginia gubernatorial election.

Major League Baseball teams.

Nationwide 2132 U.S. presidential election.

2131 Nifelheim Lagting election. (created by Ares96)

Pope Gregory XVII.

Pioneer Alliance.

Benjamin G. Thurman.

Jake Dupree. (out of date)

Elijah V. Crosby. Luther Armitage. Rosalie Briles.

Amanda Culberson. Herschel James.

Wilfred Woodline. (created by Georgepatton)

Thaddeus K. Mercer.

Lorenzo Tenorio. Bella Ordonez.

Battle of Hell's Bells.

2136 Republican candidates.

Morning television news and talk programs.

Peachtree Ripper.

Astrodyne, Inc.

Three Core Ships of the U.S. Coast Guard.

REVCOM Submarines.

Scot Burr. Izabelle Ford.

Humphrey Coleman.

Rafael Morales Vásquez.

Phil Bloom. Work Project Administration.

Independence Islands Territory. Kanaga Ethnic Group. (Created by nothingnow)

Black Americans (corrections)

U.S. Supreme Court.

Independence Islands Advisory Council. 2132 Casual Putsch. (Created by nothingnow)

State of Annam.

United States of America.

USCGC Chesapeake (WIX-900). (Created by nothingnow)

Commonwealth of Xanadu.

Dr. Sophia Ming.

Possible Endings to the Xanadu Range Wars. (speculative)

World Games of the VI Io Olympiad.

Nebraska-class arsenal ship (Flight II). (out of date)

All current major surface combatants in the U.S. Coast Guard and submarines. (out of date)

Isaiah C. Woodley.

US Office for the Second Amendment. Gerald Cermak. Saint John Patrick Brunett. Nauvoo Legion.

2133 Zion premieral election

UN Security Council Resolution 12,404. George C. Wallace VIII. General Vocational Aptitude Test.

Naftali Bennett

2135 Capricorn gubernatorial election. 2134 Capricorn Land Commissioner election. 2134 Capricorn Energy Sequence election.

S.M. Walton & Family Retail Holdings, Inc.

General Emerson Lamont. Major General Ayase Lindelof.

Democrats & Republicans. 2133 Reagan City mayoral election. 2133 Lakshmia premieral election. 2134 Vega premieral election. Annie Teach. (Democrats and Republicans out of date)

Surface combatants. Carriers. Submarines.

Brown Water Navy.

XX Corps (Rieverine).

Diving Buddies Inc.

Saturnian trade dollar (created by Georgepatton)

Democratic Party. Republican Party. Green Party. Libertarian Party. American Heroes Party. Pioneer Alliance.

Mesa Verde-class amphibious transport dock and Dry Tortugas-class dock landing ship

Dyflydd presidential election, 2133. Fharmor presidential election, 2134.

Pendragon gubernatorial election, 2133. Pendragon State Assembly election, 2133.

2135 Nigeria presidential election.

2137 Virginia gubernatorial election. (speculative)

2134 Nebraska gubernatorial election.

Lee Dae-hwan, Director General of the Korean Planning Council.

Tethys Emergency.

Broadcast Television in Independence Islands Territory. (Created by nothingnow)

2136 Republican Presidential Candidates.

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