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A Jovian Night's Dream

An allohistorical and science-fictional setting created by Archangel Michael.

It serves as the shared fictional universe for a number of short stories, novellas and novels created by him and others, which form a loose series that fleshes out the setting over time.

The series has won several Turtledove Awards.


For a complete current overview of the series, visit this thread.

Information on older and new releases to be moved and added to this page, gradually.

Beginner's Survey

The Beginner's Survey is a collection of stories that sample from the larger AJND canon to give a beginner a basic understanding and grounding of the universe and it's stories.

OP.01 Shiloh

OP.17 "Running Gun"

OP.27 “A Hard Day's Night” I II III IV V

OP.45 "One More Time"

OP.60 Marshmallow World

OP.65 "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank"

OP.67 "Limb By Limb"

Stories by Thread

The Eschaton

Asa Rey and Reshmi Ajayan

OP.10 Kaleidoscopic Eyes

OP.27 "That Lucky Old Sun"

OP.27 “A Hard Day's Night” I II III IV V

OP.47 "I saw her Standing There"

OP.55 “I Should Have Known Better” I II III

OP.59 "Gimme Some Truth"

OP.66 “Ticket to Ride” I II III

OP.71 “How do You Sleep” I II III IV






Battleship Girls (Europa)

Aspaneste Butler

Qagaamila Island (Europa)

Other Europa


Other Materials

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