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American Administration


American Administration is a political simulation of the United States that explores the political challenges of running the United States, working as a team despite holding different and at times opposing views, and remaining popular throughout the process. Run by Blue_Max after a few previous efforts failed, this game deliberately avoids the interpersonal popularity contests that mar some of the political simulations on

American Administration won a Turtledove for Best Alternate History Game in the 2010 Awards.


AA is a game about making decisions and determining which course of actions are the right ones to take. This can range for the minutiae of the fine points of a bill to the decision to declare war or deploy nuclear weapons.

Being a Modeled US government, AA replicates many of the offices of government. For gameplay reasons, powers may be slightly adjusted to make roles more enjoyable and meaningful.

Events in AA, and the responses to events, are determined by the Game God assigning the likely outcomes, and then using a random number generator to determine what happens. This ensures a level of fairness in the game, while retaining the very likely element of real life that sometimes bad solutions work and good ones fail.

The Players assume control over a political party, known as the Freedom Party. This Party fights for control over the Senate, House, Supreme Court, and popular approval at large. Like in the real United States Government, the political opposition (at Present, the Eagle Party) seeks to retake control. If they do, or if the Freedom Party falls from power due to other reasons, the game is over.

Ruling Members of Government

Cabinet Secretaries:

Minor Freedom Party Characters



Former Presidents:



Opposition Characters



Other Potential Opposition Nominees:

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