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General Mung Beans

A perennial troll with an unpleasant fetish for political radicalism, making himself a person of authority and posting ideological circle jerks in the Future History Forum, General Mung Beans was a member whose disrespect for the AH community and iterative posting of polls has at long last lead to his banning. He may be considered one of the most notorious trolls in the forums.

He has attempted to return with numerous sockpuppets, which are known as “Mungpuppets”.

In Fiction

The insane “Boy General” of Omniplenty in the End of Dystopia Map Game is a veiled reference to Mung Beans, and his insane Korea-wanking, as well as his insanity in general.

General Mung Beans has also appeared in several shows of the AH.comverse:

Appearances in The Series

Appearances in the Next Generation

Appearances in AH.Com the Creepy Teen Years

Appearances in Enterprise

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