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Tom Kalbfus

He was a right-wing member notable for thinking anything left of Genghis Khan constituted Socialism and for spitting acid at anyone who disagreed with him politically. This lent to the disruption of a number of threads concerned with politics in the Future History forum.

His behavior led him to be banned by Ian.

Tom Kalbfus's "Greatest" Quotes!

“Why would we want an ineffectual President who hates America? The Libs didn't believe the Reverend Wright tapes, they thought it was a fabrication cooked up by the Republican Party, and that they fellow ranting and damning America wasn't really Reverend Wright, but actually an actor who had plastic surgery and his voice altered so that he'd look and sound like him, but Obama's actions seem consistent with someone who hates his country, embracing the United State's enemies, while upbraiding all of its allies.”

“To destroy it. To plunder it. Why would Fidel Castro run the United States? Fidel is Obama's friend after all.”

“Being a secessionist doesn't mean being AntiAmerican. Sometimes the splitting of the country can be the best thing you can do when the leader is leading it in the wrong direction and you can't get rid of him. I'd rather save a part of America if I can't save the whole thing. Obama is leading the United States to a train wreck, and if that's fine with most Americans or they are too stupid to realize or can't be convinced otherwise then the only other option is secession, this worked for Germany after all, it worked for Korea. the South Koreans saved their part of Korea from Communism, and looked what happened in the North. The South Koreans were basically secessionists since they didn't want to be united under communism, as they felt it would destroy their country, and it did in the North. Are you saying the South Koreans aren't patriotic because they aren't waving red flags and matching in lockstep for their “Dear Leader”. Mindless unity is pointless.”

“I also believe that there has been a lot of propaganda about Obama vs Bush, and finally the 'real world' may be starting to cut through, and the media won't be able to keep the 'real world' from entering America's living room for long.”

“My best guess is that we get taken over by a totalitarian police state where the government controls everything in the fashion of the Soviet Union, that government then proceeds to distroy all knowledge of gunmaking and keeps it a secret so it can control the population. Something like that which existed in George Orwell's 1984, might do the trick. They would have something like a Ministry of Truth which goes about “modifying the past” through altering historical records so they stay consistent with what the government is saying currently. This is a Statist Communistic system controlled by one single government that stays in power, and it does this for a few centuries, and in the process completely distroys all historical knowledge and people are afraid of “Big Brother” because there are citizens spying on citizens, children spying on their parents and telling the government all about it.

The last thing that happens is the government gets taken over by a radical environmental faction, which concludes that their are too many people living on Earth, and they go about the process of reducing human population through mass sterolization, or perhaps simply extermination, before this reaches a certain point there is a sudden rebellion destroying the government and all semblance of order, the cities were destroyed taking all modern knowledge with it, leaving only simple medeaval people who had to learn to do everything for themselves.”

“No, the path to the Presidency would be for her to enter the House of Representatives, and become the Speaker of the House, and then impeach the President and Vice President so that the Speaker of the House becomes President in 2010. Being a Senator doesn't put her third on line to becoming President of the United States, its just a diversion. Besides Alaska has only one House Seat and Two Senate Seats, the Entire State of Alaska is only one Congressional District, so that House seat is more important since if she goes there, she would represent all Alaskans. Besides a Congressional term of office is only 2 years and a Senate Seat would commit her to serve six, so why would she want to be a Senator if she is only going to serve for two of those six years? Seems like that is a “Hillary Clinton” thing to do, don't you think, it is a Barack Obama thing to do also, but it isn't a Sarah Palin thing to do - she doesn't believe in using Senate Seats as Stepping stones to the Presidency as apparently Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do. Why do you suggest She follow in their footsteps? Seems like a very shallow politician thing to do, saying, “elect me Senator, because I want to be President?”

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