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An absurd troll turned conspiracy maniac, RealityX's brief postings of a world united by the Soviet Union and United States hinted at best an uncommon interest in a world without sense.

The Obama Deception

Source RealityX posted a poll, suggesting that Barack Obama was either going to destroy the world or redeem in absurd fashion, but entirely failed to make a single interesting point and instead convinced everyone that he was a conspiracy nut, despite half a dozen calls for him to delete or Edit his thread.

The Best Threadjack Ever

Term credited to August Akuma

Poster Blue Max quickly switched the topic to the Future of Fast Food, where it racked up two whole pages of on-topic replies. Despite the high participation in the swap IAN made no appearance in the thread, simply banning RealityX quietly. Even after the banning, the thread continued to draw posts.

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