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Also known as Ari

Member of the board, tends to focus his intellect on a small number of RPs rather than burning himself out on a bunch of them. Once collaborated (read: Did all the work) with randomideaguy on a storyline in Of Aliens and Spaceships.

Enemies with kome, unfortunately, because they are both great guys.

Also must self-censor in topics regarding his opposition to Gay Marriage and his support of Christianity in order to prevent becoming too hot-headed.

Projects on Hold


Projects on Indefinite Hiatus

  • The Dark Days Ahead - The Presidency of George Corley Wallace and John Wayne
  • Left At The Start - The Presidency of George Stanley McGovern
  • Ring-a-Ding-Ding - Ole' Blue Eyes in Washington
  • Scotsman on the Pasig - Andrew Carnegie Buys the Philippine Isles
  • Only I Wear the Crown - The Presidency of the Kingfish
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