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Broader Liberty

A very nice and knowledgeable fellow from London, UK who joined in February 2010. He is currently studying Philosophy, Politics and Econpomics at the University of Oxford and has studied Law and Criminal Law at A Level, and knows a great deal about a number of legal systems world wide. Broader Liberty can usually be found in Chat, Future History and Shared Worlds.

His main contributions to this date can be found in the Turtledove-winning timeline Progress, Decline, and Hope of which he is the self designated “Wiki Curator.”

He is a member of the Labour Party, and helpfully describes his ideological leaning as “somewhere between His Lordship and Meadow.”

During the UK elections, he ran unsuccessfully for both Leadership and Deputy Leadership of the board's Labour Party, coming last in both cases, and was appointed by Meadow as Party Chairman and Shadow Defence Secretary, and later as Shadow Business Secretary.

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