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Dead Sea Squirrels

Dead Sea Squirrels first joined AH.Com back in May 2009. DSS has been famed for being horrendous at finishing any projects he starts. The only TL he ever finished was a project called “Years of Flames,” which, err… He's not exactly proud of. He's started… let's see… about eight TLs in all, and none of them have ever been finished. But DSS is a dreamer; someday he'll finish a TL.

Ultimately, his dream is to write an uber-TL which grabs the attention and fascination of every AH.Commer. He envisions this as being a TL set in the recent past or the very near future, so as to include “mini-TLs” of all sorts. (In response to his eccentricity regarding TLs, DSS started a thread called “Fragments of Alternate History,” in which he posts random alternate history mini-timelines, whenever they come to him.) All of the TLs he writes in FOAH will hopefully be included in this uber-TL.

DSS is still disciplining himself, and someday, he'll actually finish something. Here's hoping, 'cause the streets of AH.Com are littered with his projects!

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