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Highly capable Shared Worlds Gamer, currently on sabbatical. Reknown for his ability to give speeches to support his efforts. Some Notables are posted below:

Notable Oratory

Self Defense


“My fellow subjects of His Majesty the Emperor, I know there have been many malicious rumors going around in the media that I have lied to you. But I assure you that this is not the case. The CEUS did indeed begin rearming, six years ago without any provocation from Germany. They begin building heavy fortifications along their border and more than doubled the size of their forces, for apparently no reason. They called this rearmament “Operation Sparrow”.

We should have responded then, I know. We should have done more now to find a peaceful solution before going to war, I know this as well. I made a great error, and for this I apologize. But I did not lie. The rearmament taking place in the CEUS was and still is very much real. The CEUS had the potential to be a grave threat to Germany if left unchecked. It is a totalitarian dictatorship and has aggressively expanded eastwards; with plans to continue it’s expansion into the Ukraine. It would have only been a matter of time before they turned north.

Yes, this war may have been rash, but I stand by my statement that it is a just war. We will remove the Dictator Jiri Prazsky from power and give the people back their own destiny, free from the crush of the CEUS. But I recognize my own folly. The mishandling of this war and its lack of proper planning rests solely on my shoulders. I could have done more to prevent war, and in this regard I have also failed. For these reasons, I have decided to resign as your Chancellor. To you, the German people, I offer my deepest apologies for my failings, but ask that you continue to support our soldiers on the front.

I have given orders for a drawdown of our forces in Vietnam to begin. Within the next several months over 10,000 soldiers will be coming home. By the end of the year, all of our forces should be safely back in Germany with their families. As for the war in the CEUS, the government has all but collapsed, leaving the state in near Anarchy. Withdrawal there is not possible at this moment, less we allow the country to fall into civil war and chaos. Such chaos will inevitably spill over into Germany’s border if it is allowed to go unchecked. This is not distant Vietnam; this is a country right next door. Terrorism in the former CEUS will breed terrorism in Germany.

Only by ensuring stable governance for the people of this region can we assure the safety of Germany. The people will be granted their own independent states, with borders drawn along national lines to ensure ethnic conflict is kept to a minimal. Once this is done, our troops will be home. This will be my last speech as you Chancellor. I have already submitted my resignation to His Majesty. I took this position because I wanted to see Germany strong and prosperous. I am not a warmonger, I may be incompetent, but I am not a warmonger. I am simply someone who let his good intentions cloud his better judgment. Good day.”

Basic Rights


When have you been belligerent, you ask? It is in your treatment of your own people that your true nature is shown!

These people have been indoctrinated to all kinds of horrifying and inhuman actions To ignore the suffering and misery of others–and to feel nothing at all as a result–is a bastardization of the human condition.

Nations of the world!

Try to imagine a world without feelings of love or happiness

Try to imagine a world where a baby cries and is ignored

Try to imagine a world where property is stolen and seized because nothing dictates otherwise

This is the Dystopian world that the Utopian government has created!

And as good people

Christian People

We have a moral responsibility to make the world a better place Because by destroying what it means to be human, and outright denying its people the right to love and be loved by others, this so called Utopia is the worst perdition the world has yet known.

Some have asked why we have acted as we have;

The answers, ultimately, are feelings of sympathy and sadness for the horrific predations occurring in our northern neighbor.

You might ask why we refused to allow this to stand; We ask why it should ever have been allowed in the first place

For it seems to us, and to most of mankind, that the RIGHT TO BE A PERSON is a sacred right that should be enjoyed for all humanity.

WE REJECT in the strongest terms any infringement on that right, and REFUSE to believe it can ever be accepted With god as our witness, we will restore to our maltreated brothers and sisters their humanity.

We can do nothing less.

Other Notes

Gifted with both sword and pen, SeanB contributes mostly to Shared Worlds and ASB threads. His most notable work would be A Better Hitler, but Germany still loses, but other ideas have shown similar promise. Currently pursuing a degree in History, SeanB is a gifted observer of Japanese Culture. He is also a gaming enthusiast, as well as an amateur writer.

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