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Royal and Imperial Society for the Appreciation of Asian Culture & History


A society founded by Sargon that seeks to promote the enjoyment of Asian culture in a sober, measured and refined way. It was set up to be a place where those who prefer not to engage in teenaged worship and fanboyism regarding Asia could congregate and is therefore a reputable organisation.

As such, the Society appreciates and covers all of Asia, not just East Asia, So for those who are interested in Southern Asia, Western Asia, Southeast Asia and so on, it is a recommended Society to join. The Society hopes that it can complement the Royal and Imperial Society for the Promotion of Nipponoscepticism in that both have similar aims in discouraging needless Otaku style silliness on the forums.

The acronym of the Society is RISAACH, which when pronounced sounds like rather a posh way of saying “Research”, or as Hendryk noted, “Rorsach”.

The Society has proven to be popular and due to rapid signups quickly became one of the most well patronised Societies of the Board.


Anyone with a genuine interest in Asia can apply for membership, or be offered it by a member of the Executive Council after which they can become a Fellow. The Founder & President of the Society may appoint worthy applicants to an appropriate position on the Executive Council.

Executive Council

Founder & President of the Society: Sargon
Vice President of the Society: Hendryk


Those considering membership/pending acceptance:

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