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Promethean is a member from the Netherlands who has joined the Stranger Syndicate after a carreer in the EVIL party as minister of Wicked paintings. Now he works for the Stranger Syndicate as Lord Captain Commander of the Praetorian Guard of the Ordos Suprema Arbita. Commanding the elite forces of the Stranger Syndicate.

Promethean is a devoted Dutch-Brabant-Roman-Assyrian-Communism wanker which has caused his interest to fall in the reaches of the Stranger Syndicate who support such wanks. Or all wanks if they are applied using the Strangerverse…

In his early history Promethean was known as Prometean until the Grammar insquisition came and went. Leaving a scar which stretched his name with ONE amazing H.

Prometheans supports the following political goals: - Cleansing of the ASB forum - The education and immigration of n00bs in the community - Research Cross-time travel - Subsidise Hash, Opium, Weed, Crack, Cocaine, Marijuana, Khat, Meth, LSD and powdered sugar - Right to give all militaries new weaponary including militias

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