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LordMoogi is a fairly new member, who joined in late 2008. He is an American of Scots-Irish-German-Welsh-Greek descent who has thus far lived in Maryland, Germany, Japan, and England- but he is currently stuck in Virginia. (He has wisely avoided mentioning this very often, as it would be seen as stealing Roberto's schtick).

According to Thande, he is a “mysterious mid-Atlantic writer of romantic speculative fiction period dramas set in the grounds of a stately home on a desert planet.” This makes sense in context.

He is noted for his extremely cynical attitude towards his home country, his obsessive xenophilia (love of anything foreign), and his tendency to write using British English, though he mixes in Americanisms as well. He is currently in college, but no longer single. Sorry, ladies. He has yet to make much of an impact on the Board, although it should be said that he has yet to make any enemies there, either.

After a lengthy hiatus, he is apparently back online. The reasons for the hiatus are, frankly, unimportant.

Also, he is not in any way affiliated with the owner of Any similarities in name are entirely coincidental.

He is also the first member confirmed to have learned about through TV Tropes, and therefore represents the victory of Operation Death's Head.

Claims to Fame

Nothing yet, really. He did a brief screenshot “Let's Play” of Civilization IV, which fell through when he got annoyed with his slow computer. Thande did one of his own (with Moogi's permission), but it didn't last very long, sadly. Moogi is working on a TL about an industrialized America colonizing Europe during the period of the late Roman Republic, but it has fallen into development hell, and so might not see the light of day for quite a while. He also wants to write a story combining two of his great passions: history and Pokemon, but again, we shall have to wait an see if Moogi can get off his lazy arse. Both of those projects are currently on hold, while he has plans for a series of writing contests designed to flesh out a TL that he is thinking of writing into a novella.

He has thus far completed one AH short story. This was Titania's Fury, a strange tale about a faery invasion during World War II. He was working on a pulp fantasy/steampunk/massive crossover story series entitled The Century's Dawn before his hiatus, but has since lost interest. However, several elements of that story are being re-purposed for other works of fiction.


LordMoogi is on the left side of the political spectrum. He supports socialized health care (he is autistic, and his entire family is on some kind of medication. Truth be told, he's sick of the insurance companies), and widespread education. He tries to respect other people's views, but can get a little carried away when discussing issues that he feels strongly about. Religiously, he is something of a deist with Buddhistic tendencies, although he currently acknowledges Doctor What as the Messiah and his lord and savior. He was converted by Hendryk after a very convincing PM discussion.


Aside from alternate history, Moogi enjoys video games (preferably ones made by Nintendo), reading fantasy and science fiction, and the company of animals. Not that way, you sick bastard. He also has an attraction to East Asian women. Despite his heterosexuality, he has an alarming tendency to get involved in Homoendo, which generally results in him traumatizing himself.


He is often found saying “HOLYLIVINGFUCK!” when confronted with an ugly or psychologically disturbing picture, fact, or mental image.

In Fiction

In a practically unprecedented move (just because he asked so nicely) he was given a role in the The Series as a Bond-villain-type nemesis of Super55 in the episode THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. Granted, he still died as with all such cameos, but at least it was a damn cool death.

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