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A Canadian member [although originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (although at the time it was still part of Yugoslavia)] who joined the site in late 2006. He is a history student and is interested primarily in medieval and Renaissance intellectual history.

In his high school days, he considered himself a Marxist, but thankfully, that is all in the past and he has adopted moderate politics and is now a supporter of constitutional monarchy. He has the unfortunate tendency to utilize logic and reason in discussions in Political Chat.

Along with Thande, MrP, and others, he is a vocal critic of the present state of education and an avid supporter of the Campaign to Overthrow and Undermine the teaching of Glib History (COUGH) and its international organization, the Society for the Amendment of Rotten Schools (SARS).

Due to certain one-man rebellions against the elected government in May 2008, he has thrown his lot in with the Evil Party and was awarded the offices of Minister of Medieval and Renaissance Affairs and Chief Rhetorical Excoriator by President Midgard.

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