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Eleven11 was a troll who posted a sole thread about the possibility of the A-Bomb not exploding while it was being dropped on Hiroshima and how the Japanese would reverse-engineer the bomb.

The plausibility of such a scenario was criticised and Eleven11 would answer by essentially going frantic on how such a scenario was possible, as the Japanese are masters at cloning technology citing that if they could reproduce a car they were likely to be able to reproduce an atomic bomb, and insulted whoever dared to tell him otherwise.

He degenerated further going on into how nuclear bombs are actually a hoax, claiming that nuclear missiles were in fact a ruse by some hideous world conspiracy. He was finally banned.

Distressingly, research about the conspiracy surrounding a nuclear bomb hoax seems to indicate that he is not alone, although mercifully none of his fellow conspiracy theorists have blessed the site with their presence since.

In Culture

Eleven11 was considered interesting enough to be incorporated into memetic mutation. As well as his belief that atomic bombs were a Jewish hoax, he also firmly believed that anyone who has an uncle involved in something must be part of a great conspiracy (as in “Perhaps you have an uncle who claims to work in a so-called nuclear plant!! - well, in fact, he spends his time peeling potatoes inside it!!”), and that anything which does not have a backup plan must be a hoax.

These are usually combined into one sentence when mocking him.

In Fiction

Eleven11 has already appeared in Snake Oil by Doctor What, in a suprisingly heroic, MacGuyverish role. His catchphrase is “I always have a backup plan!”

Eleven11 has also appeared in the Snelheid episode The Adventure of the Opal Wart as Elf Elfenzoon, the equivalent of Henry Baker from the original Sherlock Holmes short story, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. His portrayal is non-villainous, but definitely loopy. Appropriately enough, he loses a tinfoil hat instead of a bowler hat. And he likes commending people for having backup plans !

Eleven11 also gets a cameo as Thirteen13, an unhinged conspiracy theory loving troll visiting an alternate history discussion forum, in the final chapter of the Amerindian Arbalists timeline. This particular cameo randomly blames all the ills of the world and the “nuclear bomb hoax” on… Sikhs, for some unexplained reason. Much like OTL Eleven11, he starts out rather reasonably, but loses it quickly. He also has some features in common with Ravaun (Chrysler SERV tinfoiler).

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