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Banned member, characterized for being pro-CCP and pro-Communist China and very anti-American, he is known for his bashing of the Free Tibet and Falung Gong movements and an inexplicable fixation on bananas.

Claims to Fame

He had a conflict with kasumigenx, because of his thread about Taiwan being a Settler colony and his thread about a Scramble for China or Annexation of parts of China. Kahing then spouted this famously bizarre angry retort :

"What is troll? You are western propoganda fucker, spread anti-China propoganda on Internet. China need not democracy, need not throwing banana."

Though he was promptly banned after that, embraced his quote as a meme and uses it on a regular basis ever since (especially when jocularly discussing issues related to the occasional diplomatic posturing of the PRC).

Recent research shows that this quote was possibly based off an incident in 2008 where bananas were thrown at a Hong Kong politician in protest of a proposed raise in retirement pensions (nicknamed “fruit money”).

Several images of the Throwing Banana meme exist:

Kahing had a successor/sockpuppet/lovechild named Fred and, lately, another one, Kandranos Crotos.

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