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Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy

A Romanian gentlemen of wealth and taste. Showed us a picture of himself sitting on a sofa. Denied being a emigre Romanian pickpocket living in the UK, but I still can't account for my missing wallet.

He considers himself a leftist politically, which may surprise certain members (some of whom are now banned). But he thinks the left-right spectrum is badly thought-out anyway, so that might explain it. He's also an atheist.

He was the first one to use the words “Your challenge, should you choose to accept it” in the opening post of an AH challenge. He started the Do you agree with and Pick a side polls. Likes to post DBWIs, but his tend to attract noobs who don't understand the concept. People who think Romanians are Slavs annoy him, as do people who make ignorant generalizations about Eastern Europe in general. Occasionally leaks morsels of the timeline that he's been working on for years and might never finish because he's a butterfly effect extremist. Leader of the Slavic Brigade in Banhammer 40K, which surprised him when he found out since he had never joined the thread (due to his enmity with Midgard). Once behaved like quite an ass to Leo Caesius, but has since made amends. Real life friend of Andrei.

He's the author of Drunk on Bourbon, at least when he gets to work on it and has any idea where it's going, and has his own map thread.

Originally he spelled his name VoCSe, but since no one but Max Sinister could spell that correctly, he gave up and changed it to VCS. Then he lost the VCS-theme altogether and named himself after a well-known Pakistani doctor with what is quite possibly the coolest name in existence. Some people (especially Brits) who knew him back in the day occasionally refer to him by his old name; this doesn't irritate him as much as it used to, but the fact that now they can spell it right still pisses him off. In spite of his Britishness, Fell calls him Pervy.

After multiple warnings and kickings, including a rare one-month kick, Pervez was banned in April 2012 for his constant incivility towards other members.

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