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Hailing from Poland, HurganPL was a notable member of the forums for the short time he was there. One of the Polish Trolls. Ultimately banned over continous trolling behaviour. Though he clashed with the whole forum, he argued most with Midgard, MrP and Susano.

  • Hurgan was convinced that Germany and Russia (and, in some cases, the EU) were inherently evil and conspiring in order to eliminate the Poles.
  • Hurgan's definition of Central Europe included the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, but distinctly not Germany, which was Western Europe to Hurgan because he didn't want to be lumped into one region with Germany. Conversely, Poland is not part of Eastern Europe, because he didn't want to be in the same region as Russia.
  • Hurgan pointed out multiple times that some European countries Germany and Russia were culturally different from other European countries Poland, and that Poland was culturally closer to the United States.
  • He also claimed that Germans had great admiration for Russia, and that the fact that Germans and Russians fought in two world wars against each other apparently had no effect on that. He rejected the proposal to ask the German forum members on their opinions, claiming these were supposedly biased in their opinions.
  • He was clinically incapable of not mentioning Poland in a post, even if it was on a timeline about the Etruscans or the American Civil War.
  • Posted on the Unfortunate Thread Juxtapositions thread is a screenshot of the 'Who's Online' screen indicating that he used to search for mentions of Poland in any thread so he could find it and troll in it.
  • After his ban he reappeared in the form of sockpuppts Datner, Korwar and Human297. With the latter two he did not even try to hide who he was. Human297 appeared 15min (!) after Korwar was banned, though most of his posts consisted merely in open flaming with Susano anymore, and HurganPL 1.04 (Quote Valdemar II) did not even bother anymore to try to make his views appear any civilised. It is also possible that Extrasolar Angel was a sockpuppet for Hurgan, but this is unconfirmed. Other sockpuppets of HurganPL include Empee and ZeusBlade. Using the last alias, he finally admitted his eternal burning hatred for Germans and his desire for their everlasting punishment. Needless to say, he was just banned once more.

Ultimately, his claims made some forum members wonder from what timeline HurganPL was actually posting. 8-)

Leo Caesius summed up HurganPL's jerkish and paranoid behaviour in this apt post.

List of his sockpuppets

  • Empee
  • Extrasolar Angel
  • Korwar
  • Datner
  • Human297
  • ZeusBlade

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