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One of the most colorful trolls ever to have shown up at Initially lured in by a thread about an Inuit-themed Barbie doll (this was in the days when the Chat forum was accessible to non-members and registered on search engines), she (?) promptly engaged in protracted ecofreak rants worthy of the most unhinged conspiracy theorists, which she consequently refused to debate, instead resorting to ad-hominem attacks. While greatly amusing in a weird way, she (?) was nonetheless a troll and ended up banned.

She (?) had a website, also named GirlsGoFishing, in which she (?) dwelt at length on environmentally-related conspiracy theories. Said website baited casual viewers with images of scantily-clad girls engaged in, you guessed it, fishing activities. That website is currently up for sale.

GGF's banning was preceded by an attack on Ward in which many other AH.commers rallied to Ward's defence. In the aftermath, several of them, including Landshark, were awarded medals (see: Landshark's Medal).

In Fiction

As one of our more interesting trolls, GGF has appeared in a variety of contexts. The Series - appeared as a transmogrified goat, a test subject for a transmogrifying machine, in the episode “SYMPATHY DAY”.

A Pirate Novella - appeared as a sea witch in league with Captain Flocculencio's enemies. Wars - the Mon Mothma analogue leader of the Rebels, who got there because she actually turned out to be right about a government conspiracy to take over for once, though only by accident.

Luaky Commer - lover of Mike Collins who posed as IronYuppie for years and was killed by Ward and Chingo360 at the end of Luaky Commer and the Stoned Philosopher.

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