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Mosaic Earth


A staple of the Shared Worlds Forum, “Mosaic Earth” or “Mosaic World” style nation games have carved a niche in the forum. They were/are some of the earliest AH-themed play-by-post games in's history, their origins going back as far as the days of the Old Board. Generally organized by Ward, Mosaic Earth games have been in slow decline since 2006.


A Mosaic Earth, or Mosaic World game generally undergoes the following phases:

  1. Idea - This is the development phase of the ME. The most vital piece of information, the ISOT date, is agreed upon.
  2. Claims - You pick a country you wish to play. You may already have an idea what the country should be, but it is always advisable to claim as much territory as possible.
  3. History write-up - This is the alternate history part of the game. Write a timeline, just as you would write one in the main forum. Just remember - the expectations here are low: you can write one sentence or an encyclopedia, an ASB scenario or perfect realism. I suggest the former, because no-one will be able to say that you're playing unrealistically or out-of character.
  4. Military write-up - You will be requested to write up a military for your country, as ME nations suffer occasional warfare. No matter what, create the largest military you can imagine. And remember, if your military is not rejected by the moderators, you haven't made it large enough.
  5. Gameplay
    1. Pre-ISOT - Sometimes, ME games have a pre-ISOT phase. This phase is short and not important, so I suggest you ignore it.
    2. ISOT - The first week after the official gameplay threads are posted, start writing about how everything in your nation is in chaos due to the ISOT. On the diplomatic scene, post “we would like to establish trade and normal diplomatic relations” adressed to every other nation. Not only will other players realize that you are courteous, but there is also a secret scoring system based on the number of times you repeat that.
    3. Post-ISOT - Even by the end of the first week, you will realize that the only way to entertain yourself in the game is to invade other countries. If you have followed my write-up advice, you should be playing the strongest country in the region. Concentrate mainly on the War thread, posting your military movements and conflicts in need of resolution. However, I suggest that you hurry, or else the players who ISOTed smaller countries are already kicking themselves and trying to quit.
  6. Post-gameplay - After two weeks of gameplay, everything that could have been accomplished in the ME is accomplished. You should remember to drink, eat and shave while you wait in anticipation for the game to proceed at 3 in-game days to 1 real day. The War thread should now have more unresolved conflicts than resolved ones, and the Gameplay thread should have degenerated into retconning past events. By this point, you can quietly drop out, but I suggest you post an idea for a new ME game.


From its infancy on the Old Board (currently being charted), Mosaic Earth and its spin-offs have created a niche on the board. It survived the migration to the New Board, spewing a chaos of threads during the first year of existence. By 2005, the games became more organized, and this superior bureaucracy gave birth to Mosaic Earth 7, consider by many the pinnacle of Shared Worlds. In its wake came the well-patterned games of Late '05 and First Quarter 2006. However, the quality of the games soon started to decline, part to the competition presented from Feudal Lands, A Little Trip and their spin-offs. Mosaic World games, organized exclusively by Ward, have faired extremely poorly, with the exception of the 1st and 4th installments. However, the majority of the oldest ME-players abandoned the game in 2006.

List of launched “Mosaic Earth”-style Shared Worlds games
Mosaic Earth Name ISOT date Duration Days played
Shared Mosaic Earth 2004 Early July - Mid September '04 Too chaotic
Different Mosaic Earth (DME) 1939 Mid September - Late November '04 Too chaotic
Mosaic Earth 4 1914 Early December '04 - Early January '05 32
Mosaic Earth 5 1945 Mid January - Late March '05 65
Inverse Earth n/a Late February - Early April '05 19
Mosaic Earth 6 2004 Mid March - Mid June '05 6
Mosaic Europe 1626 Early April - Mid July '05 75
Mosaic Earth 7 1891 Late April - Late July '05 72
Mosaic Earth 7: 1899 1899 Mid July - Late August '05 28
LIME (?) 1927 Mid July - Early August '05 17
Mosaic Earth 8 1965 Mid August - Early October '05 50
Mosaic Earth 1940 1940 Late September - Early December '05 52
Mosaic Earth 11 1955 Mid November '05 - Late January '06 38
Mosaic Europe 2: Antiquity 1 Mid November '05 - Late February '06 49
Mosaic Earth 1940: II 1940 Early February - Early April '06 39
Thirteenth Mosaic Earth 1856 Late March - Late April '06 2
Fun Mosaic Earth 1949 Early May - Mid June '06 35
Yet Another Mosaic Earth 2006 Early June - Late June '06 16
Mosaic Earth 13: 1760 1760 Late June - Late July '06 19
Mosaic World 1948 Late July - Late August '06 27
Evil Mosaic Earth 1992 Late August - Mid September '06 9
Mosaic World 2 1920 Mid September - Early October '06 14
Mosaic Earth 13 1880 Early October - Late October '06 11
Fun Mosaic Earth Redux 1950 Late October - Mid November '06 14
1205: The Aftermath 1205 Early November - Mid November '06 8
Mosaic Earth: After the Great War 1925 Early November - Late November '06 12
Mosaic World 3 1945 Mid November - Mid December '06 16
Story Book Mosaic Earth n/a Mid December '06 - Early Januray '07 14
Mosaic World 4 1992 Early January - Mid February '07 27
Mosaic World/Earth 5 1940 Late February '06
Mosaic Earth 15 1938-41 April '08 27
Mosaic Earth 16 2008 Late August - September '08 15
Mosaic Earth 17 (not actually an ME) 1080 Late September '08 - Mid October '08 15
Mosaic Earth 21 1944 Late January - February '09 17
ME: 1955 Divided Earth 1955 July '09 18

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