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Agent Lavender: The Flight of Harold Wilson


“The damn thing is still on the blink…”

With these words ringing in his ears, James Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, First Lord of the Treasury, Leader of the Labour Party and Soviet agent decides that the time is right for him to leave office. What follows is a grand chase around East Anglia, constitutional coups by civil servants, slash fiction involving Roy Jenkins and shady cabals of forces of the democratic left and the rather more undemocratic right.


Hal Wilson, a bright young thing at Jesus College, Oxford, enjoys an extra glass of port whilst relaxing with his tutor. Things are said, matters are discussed and the prospect of carrying the torch of the Worker's Revolution to the upper echelons of the British Establishment are too wonderful to resist.


Dramatis Personæ

Also Starring

  • Timothy Dalton as Special Agent Paddy Ashdown.
  • Not Steve Coogan as a Norwich-based Hospital Radio Disc Jockey.
  • A Norfolk Potato Farmer
  • A Norfolk Potato Farmer's Wife
  • Police Officers
  • Tulip and Lily
  • Civil Servants
  • Trade Unionists
  • Boy Scouts
  • The Liberal Party
  • The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

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