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A town in South Yorkshire renowned for its coal mining heritage and infamous from being a grim and depressing place to live, the latter comment is not strictly true as the Town Hall is a rather nice landmark and the town centre also has a number of reasonable coffee shops.

Barnsley is famous for being the setting for the films Kes and Brassed Off as well as being home to the former leader of the National Union of Miners, Arthur Skargill. Barnsley was one of the epicentres for the Miners Strike in the early 1980s and to this very day, Conservatives, especially Margaret Thatcher are hated throughout the region, indeed, it is often claimed that a donkey in a red rosette has more chance of being elected to high office than a Tory. This is even more true in Barnsley than other parts of South Yorkshire.

A recent poll revealed that Barnsley is one of the fattest places in the United Kingdom, which is probably because they have excellent pies. Also known for Ian McMillan, poet in residence at Barnsley FC and the author of an anthem praising the town in comparison to Tenerife, the Costa del Sol, etc.

Home to Lord Roem.

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