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The Limpid Stream

A Russian TLIAD-style timeline with a WWI era POD, written in April 2014 by Lord Roem.

You can find the timeline here. A helpful chapter guide is also available below.

Premise and POD

Vladimir Lenin is assassinated at Finland Station soon after his return from exile in Switzerland. Without his leadership during the July Days, Alexander Kerensky, consolidates the Provisional Government's position and negotiates a ceasefire with the Central Powers.

If the Bolsheviks didn't manage to seize power in 1917 and the provisional government of Russia would go on to lay the foundation of a modern Russian Republic, how would such a state possibly develop ? And what of the world such a divergence would create ? This timeline tries to provide one particular ATL vision as an answer to those questions, with chapters based around ATL political leaders of Russia (both expected and unexpected).



In July 2015, Sea Lion Press published the timeline in e-book format. The book was part of SLP's publishing Phase 1, featuring the very first batch of their published books.

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