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Dogs of Flanders

“Dogs of Flanders” is an (virtual) band, with Lord Roem as its undisputed front man.


It all started when, in the fourth How do you look ? thread, Lord Roem posted some photos of him and his friends on a moody-looking sea coast with overcast weather. He joked about it being a good background for an album cover.

Georgepatton was quick to embrace this, and the band “Dogs of Flanders” was born.


Ever since its creation, Dogs of Flanders had already published three albums (and possibly several singles too).

I Can Neither Give Nor Receive (2013)

I Can Neither Give Nor Receive (2013)

The Quo Has Lost Its Status (2015)

A Manufactory of Echoes (2017)

To date, Georgepatton has served as the main producer and cover artist for the (fictional) albums.

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