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Region of England. Known as God's Own County because it is the biggest (and best) of the English counties. According to Thande's entirely unbiased opinion, anyway. He lives there, in Doncaster to be precise.

North Yorkshire is a rural paradise populated by old men in flat caps who have escapades in rocket-propelled tin baths. East Yorkshire is a maritime region that boasts a suspension bridge that is bigger (and better) than the Yanks' pathetic effort in San Francisco. West Yorkshire can be summed up as like Lancashire, only better. It is characterised by cotton and racism, and has applied unsuccessfully to be twinned with the U.S. Deep South.

South Yorkshire is, of course, the best of all, and is an industrial wasteland dotted with disused coal mines, steel foundries, and railway stations. It is commonly called the Socialist Republic, and to say it is a Labour Party stronghold is like saying that Ann Coulter leans a little bit to the right. Sheffield is the capital of South Yorkshire, and the home of AH commer Sargon.

Yorkshiremen are notoriously xenophobic towards people from other parts of the UK, or indeed other parts of Yorkshire (“off-come'd-uns”). Wales is considered particularly suspicious, possibly because of its support of Lancashire in the Wars of the Roses and Mercia at the Battle of Hatfield Chase. However, Yorkshiremen are much more receptive to people from overseas who settle here, providing that they develop a Yorkshire accent.

The symbol of Yorkshire is the Rose en Soleil, a white rose on a golden sun.

The old county of Yorkshire was divided into three ridings, North, East and West. The name “riding” comes from the Old Norse word meaning one-third (thirding) and the only other place it ever shows up is, bizarrely, as the word used in Canada for political constituency.

In Culture

In the Peerages, Thande is Duke of York, and as that leader of the British Peerage of and thusly highest ranking AH.comese peer period, while Sargon is Earl of Sheffield.


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