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Basileus Giorgios

A British member. The Basileus is from the north of England and thus a paradox in being a Thatcherite Conservative (shock! horror!).


Has got a great sense of humour and is currently famous for his good nature and for his TL, Isaac's Empire. You know, that steampunk Byzantine one. Have a read here! Being somewhat dissatisfied with the original TL, BG is now embarked on a much more detailed retelling of the IE story.

Claims to Fame

BG doesn't like to brag, but he was the man who began the trend of creating “Core Threads”, with his “UK Election 2010 core thread!”. A mark has thus been left on by BG, who also claims credit for coming up with the term “Rhomanian” as an alternative to “Byzantine”.

BG is one of the few people to have come back from a Ban.


BG has recently started a blog about history. It can be found here.

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