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Member doppelgangers

A very long-standing running joke on which goes back at least to 2005, and probably dates from the posting of the How do you look thread.

Members are often said to resemble:

  1. Each other
  2. Celebrities
  3. People encountered by other members in daily life
  4. Historical figures

Some members have many more doppelgangers than others…


Flocculencio's doubles are known as “Flocculgangers”. They include a American news reporter, an Indian Bollywood star, and someone Thande once saw in a hotel lobby in Cambridge. Flocc embraced his brothers by putting them all on a poster with the slogan “SPRING JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT FLOCC-IER!” It has been suggested that Flocc resmbles a certain Iranian Armoured-Dinner-Jacket.


Hendryk's duplicates, dubbed Hendryklones, have been seen in a number of places - a French news reporter, someone out of the U.S. version of The Office (Dwight?), a bloke Calgacus met in a pub in Scotland (who even liked China, too), and a bloke MrP knew at uni (who spent last year in Chinae and Mongolia).


luakel does not actually have any noted duplicates, but luakel clones are a separate running joke often conflated with this one.

Doctor What

Doctor What's lookey-likeys include Jeff Goldblum, Miltos Yerolemou and Colonel Gaddafi - the latter's employment of a bodyguard consisting of young karate-chopping female virgins in skintight uniforms also suggests a certain similarity of views.

Archangel Michael

Resembles EvolvedSaurian and Rasputin. Not the member called Rasputin, the actual Rasputin.

“Now we know why it took so many tries to kill Rasputin: he was the Goddamn Archangel.” -Roberto


Looks like several other members.


Used to resemble Boris Johnson, now looks more like Bill Gates.


According to Wanderlust, Roberto could “now you could be Prince Harry's double”. Also Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films.


Looks like the Milky Bar Kid, and Bill Gates.

The Dean

Resembles Mikhail Gorbachev, a likeness which has been separately noted by three people.


Recently, a number of 'Doppelthanders' have been pointed out, including an Indian bloke known by one of the Americans, someone Fellatio Nelson had a photo of, and EvolvedLupine. elle-jay has advanced a theory that there is a Thande in every nation and culture, based on the fact that she knows the Irish edition, and so it's a bit like CMOT Dibbler in Discworld.

Lord Roem

Even more recently, Lord Roem has come to dominate the market, with almost everyone running into literally thousands of 'Roem Clones' on a regular basis.

Given the resemblance of some members to historical figures and various heads of state/potential heads of state it has been suggested that may attempt/have attempted (given Archangel Michael's possible demise back in 1915) a take over by replacing said notables with AH.commers.

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