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Probably the oldest continuous civilisation in the world. We have one known AH.commer from mainland China and that is Bishop, and there are members of Chinese descent living in other countries, such as Aozhouhuaren, and more infamously, HelloLegend. Jonathan Kan hails from Hong Kong, and godel.chen is a member living in Taiwan. There are several Western Sinophiles on the board speaking up for Chinese-focused AH, such as Faeelin, Sargon, Hendryk and subversivepanda. Tomb currently lives there.

Chinese dynasties come in Four flavors: Northern Barbarian Takeover (Yuan, Jin, Qing); random Han peasant Rebel forms Dynasty (Ming, Han, Shang, Shun); military figure takes Throne (Song, Yuan Shikai's Dictatorship in the 1910s); Noble Chinese House takes the Mandate of Heaven (Sui, Tang); and of course, Warlord States and rivaling Dynasties coexisting and fighting for the Dragon Throne.

Alternate history clichés involving this country

Zheng He - Probably the most famous one.

It vas inwented in China, Keptin - A running joke on the board is that absolutely everything was invented in China first - not just the usually stated gunpowder, printing, movable type etc., but also exaggeration, censorship, America, imagination and, notably, bears (a fact deduced by Dave Howery). However, they have yet to invent a decent pudding.


Most of the other Chinese AH.commers come from Hong Kong (see that page for a list).

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