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The Pony Wars

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an ongoing cartoon based on Hasbro's My Little Pony toyline. Intended originally for little girls and their parents, its writing and animation style have attracted droves of teen and young adult fans, who call themselves “Bronies.”

And ever since the Bronies came to, there has been only war–the latest and most convoluted of the three inner conflicts. The topic of My Little Pony is second only to Israel in terms of the kicks and bans it has generated.

The war ended in an uneasy truce mandated by IAN, with the Bronies being required to keep My Little Pony discussion and images confined to the Pony Thread. Tensions remain however, and additional skirmishes have broken out since the the matter was largely solved following the Pony Pogrom (See below). The war continues to be a touchy subject and discussions of its events can get heated on both sides.

The Pony Pogrom

On January 24, 2012, in the space of less than half an hour, six members were kicked as a result of an argument about MLP. The kickings all occurred in the thread about Doctor What's removal as a moderator, and the incident is believed to be largest mass-kicking in history. Unfortunately, Hendryk was also banned.

Ian's Disregard of Privacy / Ian's Reasonable Suspicions

In the thread where Ian announced the demotion of Doctor What, he posted the latter's private PM to CalBear. Ian later justified that by claiming that he was prioritizing security over fairness, but his disregard of privacy remains controversial. Before being kicked, Freizeit produced the "Big Ian is watching you" cartoon satirizing Ian's actions.

The "Pony Porn" Skirmish

Many months after the original war had died down, there came to be a new battle over Ponies on our board. Known as the “Pony Porn Skirmish”, the incident resulted in at least two kickings and many pages of heated discussion in the Hall of Infamy. It all began at 5:23 PM on a Wednesday (July 18th, 2012), when CalBear kicked Iori for posting so-called “pony porn” in the Pony Thread. The image, which was a weird sexual thing with a pony, caused quite a ruckus. After CalBear's kick, several members came to Iori's defense, saying that if he had posted a sexualized human, he wouldn't have been kicked (on the other hand, most board members just reacted with “why the fuck would you want to look at a sexualized pony?”). Hellhound01 and d32123 in particular saw Iori's kick as unfair, and argued his case in the Hall of Infamy while changing their signatures to read “FREE IORI”. Eventually, it escalated to the point where CalBear kicked Hellhound for a similar offense. Ian intervened, and the fight eventually died down, though not before Maccragge1 was subsequently kicked by CalBear as well. The sad saga can be read first-hand "at this link."

Brony Works (some would say "propaganda", but to each his own)

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