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The Sicilian

Previously named Messiniano (thus giving rise to his two primary nicknames, Mess and Messy). An Italian-American board member living in Upstate New York State who joined in late 2006 (i.e. December 31st) Participated in the 1493 project, playing as Naples. Author of a few half-assed 'timelines', usually dealing with Medieval Sicily. Founder of the Rhinoceros Party, who got supremely trounced in the elections 2007. Shares a likeness with fortyseven, as he is a Bahaianist and idolizes Ms. Priya Rai.

He has recently begun to make awesome maps on GIMP, but still claims to be a horrible mapmaker. This is because he has a major self-deprecation streak. He is a claimant to the title of 'Greatest Dogma Fan'; his main competition is one Archangel Michael, who is out of the race due to a major slip up on a segue into a Dogma quote. It was later proved that he and AM were in fact both the same person.

Prone to departing for a few days, only to return the night before an exam. Catholic version of Hazazel. He is the best friend of DelawareWerewolf, which is a bit ironic given that Delaware was named after a Norman in the first place.

Causes Championed

  • Norman Sicily
  • Norman Egypt
  • Norman…well anywhere
  • Rootbeer
  • Irritating Archie

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