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2007 Presidential Recall Election Bill


The 2007 Presidential elections ended in's first Constitutional crisis. Due to an incident unrelated to the election, Evil Party Chairman and presidential candidate Midgard resigned and left the board just before the elections, too late to take his name off the ballot. When Midgard won the election, His Administratorness' Government had no contingency plan in place to address it. In the resulting confusion, the Evil Party elected former Prime Minister Sargon Chairman, and, with Midgard's blessing, took office as Acting President. In his first few days in office, Sargon saw incredible opposition to his appointment and was nearly removed from office, but the measure was ultimately struck down by the joint Evil/YSP coalition government.


In opposition to the Evil Party’s appointment of Sargon as Acting President in the wake of Midgard’s resignation from the party and self-exile from, Flocculencio (KETWIWBP) proposed holding a new Presidential election on August 20, 2007. His argument was that, while he liked Sargon as a person, he felt that since Midgard had left the board before the elections, he had no right to appoint a successor. This measure was supported by The Bald Imposter (KETWIWBP) and Superdude(PPP), but opposed by Agentdark (E), Ran Exilis (E), Historyfan 92 (YSP), and Gladi (E).

In order to break the Evil Party's majority in Parliament and ensure the measure passed, Superdude (PPP) proposed giving all of the Evil Part’s seats to the PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPParty until had a working government. This was opposed by all Evil Party MPs and Nekromans (YSP). Evilmittens, High Strategos of the Armies, proposed as an alternative to a second election: “All MP's gather for a Constitutional Convention and decide the order of succession. Meanwhile, all Land Forces will take to the streets to keep order.”

After debate stalled, The Bald Imposter (KETWIWBP) agreed to switch sides and oppose the recall election. He was quickly followed by kidblast (YSP) and Nekromans (YSP).

Text of Legislation

Recognizing His Administratorness' Government's lack of a duly elected President, new Presidential elections shall be held.


On August 21, 2007, Acting President (later, Vice President) Sargon announced the formation of an Evil/YSP coalition with a working majority. With both parties in opposition, the bill was defeated:

Flocculencio (KETWIWBP) and Superdude (PPP) voted in favor.

Agentdark (E), Ran Exilis (E), Historyfan92 (YSP), Gladi (E), kidblast (YSP), Nekromans (YSP), Douglas (E), The Bald Imposter (KETWIWBP), and Haggis (E) voted against.

Michael (KETWIWBP), MrP (KETWIWBP), Steffen (FFF), and Kabraloth (FFF) abstained.

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