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Rhinoceros Party

An political party founded by Messiniano that contested the 2007 election and won no seats.

2007 Manifesto

We, the Rhoncerii, propose to do the following thing for

  • Make smiley faces the official currency
  • Repeal the law of gravity
  • Create sub-forum for Pre-632 BCE PODs
  • Double the reconquista effort against the Gaysexualid Emirate
  • Establish the one true Pantheon of, with Ian as the supreme Almightythingamajig, Kiera as his mistress, and the sheep and goat as demigods.
  • Annex Alternia, and then raise it to the ground
  • End crime by abolishing laws
  • Legalize pot. And pans. Spatulas as well.
  • Replace Thande with an ostrich.

Open for proposals and coalitions with other parties.

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