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Look to the West : References and cameos

This is an overview of various references and cameos in Thande's long-running Look to the West timeline.

Don't read it if you haven't read the timeline yet and you're worried about possible spoilers.

This is a work in progress, so please be patient. Remember, you can always speed up the process by volunteering in the timeline's main thread.

Historical references


Popculture references

Look to the West - actually not a reference to part of the lyrics in the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven (see the opening words on the main page). Thande acknowledged this already in the early days of the LTTW timeline. Despite the name not being an intentional reference to the lyrics, he adopted that bit as an unofficial intro because he quite liked the thought.

Interlogue: Perfidious Albion - based on the well-known pejorative idiom.

Chapter #153: Sittin’ on Top of the World - reference to the interwar era Al Jolson song.

Chapter #183: Drive to the West and Chapter #193: The Grapple - probably a reference to the eponymous Harry Turtledove novels from his Southern Victory book series.

Chapter #186: Pee Dee Shames - a phonetic pun on P. D. James, the pen name of British crime writer Phyllis Dorothy James.

Interlogue: Silence in the Library - reference to the eponymous Doctor Who episode.

Chapter #201: Spoilers - probably a follow-up reference to Silence in the Library, as one of the characters in the episode uses the word as a catchphrase.

Chapter #206: Nation Shall Speak Boasts Unto Nation - a paraphrase of the BBC motto, "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation".

Chapter #215: A Girdle ‘Round The World In Forty Minutes - reference to the Jules Verne novel, Around the World in Eighty Days.

Chapter #218: Enter the Dragon - reference to the Bruce Lee martial arts film.

Chapter #223: Cookeing the Books - pun on the idiom “cooking the books” (i.e. falsifying bills and invoices).

AH.commer cameos

Here's a growing list of AH.commers who have appeared as (mostly minor) fictional characters throughout the timeline.

Dr. Bruno Lombardi: Doctor What

Dr. Theodoros Pylos: Thermopylae

captain Christopher G. Nutall: Chris

“Le Diamant”: Diamond

Dr. Wostyn: Hendryk

captain Ben MacCauley: MacCaulay

Heinrich Ivan “The Bald Impostor” Pugachev (Kautzman): Burton K Wheeler (prev. The Bald Imposter)

professor Mads Svedalius: Makemakean

sergeant Ellis: TheDarkMessiah

lieutenant Thomas Black: Meadow

lieutenant Jack Tindale: Lord Roem

Moe Quedling (Moritz Wilhelm Quedlinburger): mowque

Peter Molnár: Petike

sergeant Robert Mumby: Mumby

Thande himself appears in the form of references to the “Thande Institute” in Cambridge and “Thandean Physics”, though these exist in the parallel setting of TimeLine A, instead of LTTW's TimeLine L.

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