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A long-standing American board member. Not active nowadays.

Claims to Fame

Thermopylae is associated with both the main Discussion forum and Off-topic. He is a noted member of the Keira Knightley Fan Club.

Thermo has a habit of vanishing for months on end and then reappearing as if nothing's happened. He may be a secret agent.

He also began the Board's adventures in One-Uppery.


Thermo has attempted several impressive timeline projects, some of which have won awards.

The Coronation of the Hun

Thermopylae is best known for this ambitious timeline, which is characterised by some extremely unusual ethnic migrations. He summarises this as 'Frankish Britain? Slavic France?!' and then a third exclamation, which has varied depending on the current year of the timeline, for example, “Burgundian Mexico?!?” Since then, placing ethnic groups to somewhere totally different than IOTL has become a mark of Thermo in the eyes of the board.

These Hills Sing of Saxon Kings

Thermo's unique spin on the old 'Harold wins at Hastings' question. But not many timelines of that sort have a Polish HRE, a balkanised France and an alt-Ottoman dynasty you've never heard of, do they?

This Glorious Darkness

A Mongols-crush-Europe TL that Thermo currently has on hold while he finishes Saxon Kings.

As Befits A King

A TL about Alexander the Great.

Thermopylae as a Religous Prophet

He has also founded the rather small board religion Thandislam.


  • Thermo
  • Thermometer
  • Mr. Greek Battle

In Fiction

One of the new characters featured in Luaky Commer and the Chamber of Sikh Ritz was based on Thermopylae, parodied using his unusual ethnic migrations.

The Mappist Cabal from the The Series and Enterprise universe has Thermo, a.k.a. Thermo of Pylae or Saint Thermo, as an important ancient prophet and saint figure for the Cabal.

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