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Protect and Survive Spinoffs

Macragge1's Protect and Survive TL has received a remarkable amount of spinoff stories by other authors, something quite rare for timelines. Here's a comprehensive list of them, sorted by their primary geographic setting.

The United Kingdom

The Last Flight of XM594 - A story series focusing on a single Avro Vulcan bomber crew during The Exchange. Written by JN1.

There Won't Be Any Illuminations - Written by Will Ritson, set in Lancashire in the north of England.

The Journey - One-off short story written by JN1. Set in eastern Scotland and focusing on daily life and the importance of surviving railways 23 years after The Exchange, in an alternate 2007. So far, it is the only spinoff that focuses purely on an era years after The Exchange.

The rest of Europe

Noi Non Ci Saremo - The first ever spinoff and first European spinoff. Written by Mario Rossi, set in his native Italy.

The Land of Sad Songs - Written by DrakonFin, set in his native Finland.

Northern Wind - Written by JoHansen, set in his native Norway.

Protect and Survive - Report on Germany - Written by Hörnla as a fictional document made by the Swiss government about the post-war situation in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

The Sun Sets Behind the High Hill - Spinoff set in Czechoslovakia. Currently in the planning stages by Petike.

Protect and Survive Ireland - Spinoff set in Ireland, created by Wolf Tone.

The United States

Duck and Cover - The first American-centered spinoff. Written by Gen Patton.

The Land of Flatwater - The second American spinoff, written by Chipperback. Set primarily in Nebraska and other parts of the midwestern US, with prominent sideplots set in the German/European front of WWIII.

We Served the Soviet Union - A story series with a fictional interview-like format, focusing on former Soviet soldiers that were stranded in North America during The Exchange and were forced to stay there for one reason or another. The interviews present the oral histories of these veterans from the other side of the barricade. The series ties in with The Land of Flatwater, where several of the characters were first introduced. Written by Panzerfaust 150.

Don’t Turn Your Back on the Wolfpack - A third American spinoff, set in the State of New York and written by stalkere.

Pro Aris et Pro Focis - Set in New York City, written by GAB-1955.

That Damned Bridge - Written by Top Hats Daily, set in Minnesota.

The Last Game - Set primarily in Lexington, Kentucky, written by BrianD.

The Day After - Another American spinoff by Gen Patton.

The Fighting Illini - Written by Zoom, set in the state of Illinois.

Shelter from the Storm - Written by General Paul, set in and around Dutch Harbour and other locales of Alaska.

The Island - Spin-off centered in the Gulf States of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Written by vl100butch.

Escape to the Blue Ridges - Written by Deblano, Spin-off centered in Northern and Eastern Virginia.

End of Watch - Spin-off centred in Miami and dealing with events in Florida leading up to and following the Exchange, written by wolverinethad.


Lower Canada in the 1980s - The first Canadian spinoff, created by Peace Monger.


Good Night, Vietnam - The first fully Asian spinoff. A short story set in Vietnam, written by John Farson.

Ashes of the Dragon - A spinoff set in China, started by General_Paul and collaborators.


No Rest for the Wicked - Set in various countries of Africa, including Lybia, Ghana, South Africa and a plethora of others. Written by Agentdark, with some chapters about southern Africa written by Shurik.

Australia and Oceania

The Land of Black and Red Scars - The first Australian-themed spinoff. Created by Alex1guy. On hiatus.

The Lucky Country - The second and longer-lived Australian-themed spinoff. Created by PimpLenin. Put on permanent hiatus.

There Is No Depression - The New Zealand spinoff, created by Tsar of New Zealand.


Run Silent, Run Deep - A short story concerning the crew of the USN submarine USS Michigan and their role in The Exchange. Written by Shaby.

The Kingfisher Strikes - Spin-off focusing on the exploits of the destroyer USS John Young and other ships of the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Written by USN_vet.

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