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U.S. state, pronounced 'Illynoy' rather than 'Illinwa', to annoy the French. Formerly part of the Ohio Country.

Illinois is perhaps best known for including Chicago (at the top right hand corner, on the coast of Lake Michigan) and Abraham Lincoln, who wasn't even born there. However, on the Board it is known as being the birthplace of several of our members (see below).

Illinois is also known for being basically four disparate states. There's Chicago, which is known in the other parts for running the state into the ground, corruption, “socialism”, etc. The Central and Northwest portions of the state feel perfectly okay with possibly being annexed into Missouri; they love things like the Cardinals, Christianity, their German ancestors and the Republican Party. The East St. Louis Metropolitan Area contains a ghetto, a gigantic mall, some Democrats and mainly is Missouri. South of there is Little Egypt, which is a hotbed of Confederate and Southern sympathies, coal mining, and fluorspar.

Berkeley, Illinois is home to the World Dryer Corporation, which makes hand-dryers for public lavatories, and which Thande feels the need to remark upon whenever the state is mentioned.


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