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New York City

The Central Nexus point of the Universe; and home to over eight million people.

Its famous skyline is a a sight recognizable to people around the world. Its skyscrapers were the first thing seen by millions of immigrants entering America from Eastern and Southern Europe. New York is home to many recognizable landmarks, including, but not limited to, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, The United Nations, The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, and the former site of the World Trade Center.

New York City is home to numerous AH.commers, such as Leo Caesius and Usili, and many more work there, including Grimm Reaper. The neighbouring state of New Jersey appears to be used as a commuting zone. Upstate New York is a land alien and unknown to non-Americans at least, and may well still be populated by Iroquois for all we know. Blizrun and EvolvedSaurian claim to be from Upstate New York, though they may be lying.

The top of the Empire State Building has suffered two great traumatic events: King Kong swatting a biplane out of the air, and Kit's… little… incident.

New York produces the rudest people in the universe, and even upper-middle-class Englishmen doff their caps to the calculated bluntness of the New Yorker. It also produces excellent cheesecakes, and is a magnet for every Hollywood asteroid impact/tsunami/alien invasion. It may be something to do with all those cheesecakes, in fact.

New York City is located in of all places, New York State. Most non-Americans refuse to believe that there is anything else in New York State.

Random Historical Facts:

Founded as New Amsterdam

Named for the Duke of York, and not, in fact, the City of York in Yorkshire. The Duke of York, incidentally, became James II, who was deposed by the English in the Glorious Revolution, firmly cementing the end of absolute royal power in what became the United Kingdom. Which is ironic considering its later history.

Served briefly as the capital of the United States of America.

Shortly after the Americans declared independence, the British seized the city and held it until the end of the war. The day the British left used to be a local holiday celebrated by seizing the Union Jack from atop a greased pole.

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