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State of the USA. Known for being a massive retirement home, having some of the best beaches on Earth, three hundred percent humidity (on a good day nonetheless), multiple Disney theme parks, and receiving large numbers of Cuban immigrants. Also known for playing a crucial part in the 2000 US presidential election, producing some of the sadder news stories of the 2012 elections, and usually being home to the weirdest news stories you'll hear about (like the 2012 Zombie scare, and anything involving the University of Miami Hurricanes, the City of Key West, Invasive species that will doom us all!, General Petraeus, or any combination of the former). It also looks like it is a certain part of America's anatomy that is far too childish to name here.

The Beaches are generally considered to be worth it.

Oh, and as many of the more outspoken Floridians on the site would like to remind you, Florida isn't really culturally southern anymore, nor is it in anyway like the inferior states of the Deep South, save cuisine and climate. It, like Northern Virginia, is a Yankee Colonial District, set aside by the Government as part of the “Continuing Reconstruction” project of the Reagan presidency.

Not really.

Additionally, Tampa Bay has the odd distinction of being host to the only Southern Expansion Hockey Team that isn't a complete joke.


If you're from here, feel free to add yourself to the list.

Banned members from Florida :

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