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Ireland is a rather lovely peace-loving republic situated somewhere north west of Europe proper. Its primary exports are alcohol and centre forwards.

It is commonly believed the northern part of Ireland is currently under the occupation of teh evuuul British Empire and its people are desperately yearning to be reunited with their brothers in the south, the average Irish viewpoint on this is that it is split.

One bit of nonsense which is not widely believed is that prior to Ireland's discovery by the HMS Cod in 1593 it didn't actually exist at all and was in fact merely one small part of the mighty empire of Atlantis.

We Brits like too think Ireland holds a similar place in the world vis-a-vis Britain as Canada does to the United States. It's there, but we are only barely aware of it except for the occasional importation of homosexual comedians, football players and exportation of rowdy stag parties.


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