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Protect and Survive Universe

The Protect and Survive universe is an attempt at creating a shared universe of timelines, all trying to realistically depict a world where the OTL rise of Cold War tensions in 1983 and 1984 took a turn for the worst. On an ATL 21 February 1984, tensions between the superpowers reached a breaking point. A global thermonuclear war, later dubbed “The Exchange”, broke out, raining down death and destruction throughout most of the civilised world.

Each tale set in this universe focuses on the everyday struggles of civilian, military and government survivors that lived to see the aftermath of the war and attempt to rebuild the shattered but not destroyed remnants of modern human civilisation. These are their stories… Stories of collective and personal tragedy, but also their hopes and dreams for a better and more peaceful future.

The original, eponymous timeline by Macragge1 that got the universe started, appeared in autumn 2010. Since then, the universe has been expanded by a large number of spinoffs, all of them trying to depict the build-up, escalation and aftermath of World War Three in various countries, regions and locales around the world.

Main Content

Protect and Survive - The original timeline.

Protect and Survive spinoffs - The many spinoffs of the timeline.

Shared Universe Lore

See Also

The Strangerverse - Another, different shared universe of timelines.

Tarrantry - Another, different shared AH universe, in origin.

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