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If England provides the money, and Wales the singing, then Scotland is the brains and has been responsible for a remareable degree of inovation and invention. Without Scots to keep an eye on them the rest of the UK would grind to a halt in around a week.

The people of Scotland are known for their contributions to the settlement of the Americas and Oceania, primarily because if you come from Scotland, you'll go and live anywhere else.

Scotland is divided in two by a giant wall, built by King Robin the Ovine-Obsessed in 1423 to keep all the sheep in the northern part of the Kingdom. North of the wall, travellers fear to tread, constantly threatened by the gangs of sinewy shepherds that roam the glens at night, terrorising the populace with their medieval sonic torture instruments.

The eastern parts of Scotland are worthless, and will one day sink into the ocean. The capital, Edinburgh, is unique in the civilised world, in that it is constructed entirely of poo. The natives, known as Edinbuggers are well-known to have no sense of smell. They also can't look up.

Of more note is the city of Auchtermuchty, known as the Athens of the North, of which Defoe noted “there is little of worth in these isles, that does not hail from Auchtermuchty”.

In culture

The capital of Scotland is a small pub just outside Bonnybridge, called 'The Drookit Dug'.

Thanks to the wise economic politics of the SNP government, Scotland possesses a fleet of approximately 34 aircraft carriers.


Banned Scottish members:

  • Chris - Five-year caber champion and inventor of the Velcrokilt. Unfortunately, nowadays banned. discussions concerning Scotland

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