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A county Palatine of England in the United Kingdom, on the best side o' the Pennines. Formerly enjoyed considerable autonomy as the Duchy of Lancaster, which is preserved in the modern British cabinet having the sinecure position of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Historical enemy of Yorkshire thanks to the Wars of the Roses - Lancashire's symbol is a red rose. Yorkshire-Lancashire rivalry is in part because the two counties seem culturally quite similar to outside observers, in particular their accents differing only in a few vowel sounds (“Luke in the buke”). However, the endless ideological divide between puddings and pits vs. mills and hotpots will guarantee never-ending enmity.

The original and correct county boundaries are much larger than the post-1974 “official” ones, including Liverpool and an “outremer” region in Cumbria. The capital of Lancashire is of course Lancaster but the largest city in its broad cultural region is Manchester. A Greater Lancashire Movement exists (no, really) with the intention of restoring the original county boundaries. Thande supports it, on the grounds that there's no point in being a Yorkshireman unless you've got a proper enemy to aim at.

Was recently found to have vast amounts of natural gas, which will doubtless result in there being ten thousand holes in Blackpool, Lancashire.

In culture

Basileus Giorgios aims to use the above mentioned vast natural resources to establish a theocratic dictatorship over Lancashire, centred on a new capital at Preston.

In the Peerages, xphile2868 is Duke of Lancaster.

Also, the delectable and charming Jenna Coleman is from Blackpool, much to the delight of Nerupe, Petike and Corsair Caruso.


In fiction

The county is the main setting for There Won't Be Any Illuminations.

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