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Morrow Project

Master page for Burton K Wheeler's Morrow Project-inspired game

Original idea thread:

Attention players: These pages will contain spoilers. As a general guideline, I'd request you read only the Characters page before the game begins, the Training page as soon as training starts (reading each Phase page as that phase comes up) and the Organization page when directed.

MP Characters

MP Training

MP Equipment

MP Organization

Introduction and Recruiting

Your character is a bit of a rootless drifter. He's a survivalist and he loves worst-case scenarios. He or she was possibly in the military, and he's probably done some sort of outdoor job in the past. He doesn't and hasn't had a serious career but he's had a lot of adventures, though none of the hair-raising sort. He's not necessarily American.

He's not a mythic badass. He was in the Army, but not Special Forces, he repaired radars in Texas for five years, went to school on the GI bill, and has been working in an oilfield in Alaska while waiting for something to come along. She was an academic, but not a legend in her field. She took 13 years getting her PhD in ethnobotany from an undistinguished state university, with fieldwork in five countries, and now she's sick of teaching BIO 101 at her local community college. There is, however, something that he's very exceptionally good at. Maybe it's mountaineering, or he's a self-taught expert on the Anasazi. Something that wouldn't necessarily make a career but can be very useful if the apocalypse comes.

He or she is physically and mentally very healthy and fit, he speaks a language other than English reasonably well. He has no major family connections or entanglements, he is single and childless. He's okay with spending years away from home.

He or she was recruited by phone or Internet with an offer to take part in an intense year-long training course to be followed by five years or possibly more in a remote environment with minimal contact with the outside world. He is offered $70,000 USD a year with a generous benefits package and guaranteed bonus payout.

The first page of the contract says “NOT FOR THE WEAK OR FAINTHEARTED”

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