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Prime Sector

A Space Western roleplaying game created by BlackWave, based on an idea suggested to him by Cambyses the Mad. Currently in its second season/iteration.

Main threads

Prime Sector : A Codex - Guide to the setting, its civilisations and cultures, etc.

Prime Sector: A Space Opera Western RP - The “first season” of the game, now concluded.

Prime Sector II: A Space Opera RP - The “second season” of the game, currently ongoing. More of a 'cyberpunk' tone is present.

Prime Sector : OOC Thread - For “out of character” discussions on the current state of the game.


Prime Sector: Sandglass - A collaborative vignette by Dragos cel Mare and BlackWave.

Prime Sector Tales: The Good, The Bad, and The Tevatan - The first spinoff mini-game, part of a planned series.

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