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shared_worlds:ah.com_world_cup World Cup

The World Cup is a (mostly) annual roleplaying simulation game, in which AH.commers create a fictional world championship in European football (association football). The national football teams that compete in this championship represent specific allohistorical countries. The countries can come from the same timeline or from multiple different ATLs, making the AHWC a championship with contestants from throughout the multiverse. The ATL national teams are usually created solely from the championship, but occassionally, they might come from existing timelines, particularly those written by members.

The basic roleplay works in the vein of most fantasy football and other fantasy sports roleplaying/management projects, though it is overall more simplified and more focused on that year's one particular championship, with ATL country teams rarely being carried over to the next year's championship.

2010 World Cup

Main Championship - The main allohistorical football event of the year, as well as the opening year of the World Cup.

North American Mini Championship - A special, parallel version of the 2010 championship, focusing on North American soccer teams.

2011 World Cup

Space reserved for notes.

Main thread (TBA)

2012 World Cup

Space reserved for notes.

Main thread (TBA)

2013 World Cup

2014 Cup

Main thread (TBA)

Baseball Spinoff North American Baseball Championship

Created in 2012, this is a baseball-themed spinoff of the usual football-themed cups. Given the focus on baseball, most of the ATL countries competing in this multiverse championship come from North America.

Stadium Ambience

Championship Opening Ceremony Ambience - Every soccer championship needs some stadium ambience, so supplied its own. Further explained here.

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