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STARGATE Dawn of Man

A Shared Worlds roleplaying game based on the StarGate universe.



Game Content

  • Introduction

Two hundred years before the event of SG-1 were set to occur, other worlds besides Earth discovered stargates. Their ability to travel interstellar distances in seconds caused a burst of new technology. The problem is that the Galaxy already has a master. Ra, the Supreme System Lord rules the Goa'uld and could easily crush the Free Galactic States if he chose to do so.

  • The Major Powers

Of the Free Galactic States, three of them are considered major power blocs. The Inter Space Freedom Alliance, a defensive alliance of several worlds in the cause of common defense and common technological development. The Coalition of Planets, a Confederation of planets with it's central Administration on the planet of Reynolds V. The Imperium of Selctia, a militaristic pseudo-Republic that is similar in structure to the late Roman Republic. For the last 3 turns these nations have dominated, collected or consumed other smaller powers, with some exceptions

  • Developing Powers

The Stellar Commonwealth has recently come on the galactic political scene. Through an oversight in their technological development they had never developed the basic communication that the galaxy uses, and surpassed it using Paired Electron Communications. Without a Stargate they had no idea about the dangers of the galaxy, and expanded… Boy did they learn quick. Following some deals with the other Free Galactic States they have ascended quite quickly.

  • NPCs


  • The Inter Space Freedom Alliance
  • The Imperium of Selctia
  • The Coalition of Planets
  • The Stellar Commonwealth
  • The Goa'uld
  • The Aschen
  • Compound One
  • The Straegis


Space reserved for notes.

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