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A UFO-conspiracy themed roleplaying game created by BlackWave. Based on the real Majestic-12 conspiracy theory, both the current roleplaying games span decades of the 20th century as players delve into a secret history shadow war playing as agents of the eponymous organization, struggling against enigmatic extraterrestrial presences and a human Fifth Column.

Long-running and with a dedicated core of players, the games take both serious and somewhat deconstructive takes on conspiracy lore–often referencing the pop culture of the period, with each 'case' starting with a pop song of the time.

Majestic 12 RP - The first roleplaying game, spanning roughly from 1954 to 1977. It covers the expansion of Majestic from a minor committee to a powerful agency and shadow government, involving alien spores, the Cold War, Mothman, the JFK assassination, the moon landings, and disco.

Majestic-12: The Second Dossier - The second roleplaying game, ongoing, covering from 1977 to its current timeframe in 1988. There is more focus on psionic hybrids, as well as Dulce Base, the nature of the Fifth Column, reptilian infiltrator hyrbids, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Rendlesham Incident, Pac-Man, and Michael Jackson songs.

From the Archives of MJ-12 - Some short fiction by Ajm8888 set in the world of the game.

From the Files of the KGB: A MJ-12 Story - Another piece of fiction by Ajm8888, from a Soviet perspective.

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