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Friendship and Adventures

A roleplaying game originally developed by Rainbow_Sparkle in the main section of the Shared Worlds forum. When time issues arose for him, leadership of the RP was passed to Elfwine, who now runs it jointly with Talisman. After some discussion between the Moderators, it was moved to the Nation Games section as a way to eliminate potential drama. At the time there were still major disputes over the presence of MLP:FiM on the board in any capacity.

Exciting Trailer

Original Synopsis

Its been a year since Discord's brief return, and it would seem that all is going well in Equestria. But then, one day, Princess Celestia comes down with a strange illness, losing her ability to use any of her magic. Worried about her sister and the kingdom, Luna initially considers asking the Elements of Harmony to aid her in finding the cure. But a visit from a mysterious creature convinces her that there is more to this illness than meets the eye, and that sending the Elements out could put Equestria at threat of attack.

And so, she decides to instead have flyers put up all over Equestria, asking for any pony who feels brave enough to face certain peril in a quest to find a cure for the ailing Princess of the Sun….


Main Character List

Retired (For Now) Character List

Minor Characters

Character Sheets

The Art Drawer

Click here to look inside.

Inside the drawer is a collection of various illustrations and sketches made by members of the player base. They are also separated out by Artist, to give them their due recognition for their work.

Campaign Summary

The Armaria

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Within the Armaria, there are stored various short stories and spin-offs, directly or indirectly related to the RP itself. Among them are flashbacks, general experiences during the RP not scripted for it., or have no bearing in reality beyond the characters involved. They are assorted accordingly. At its present state however, the shelves are very much empty.

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