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The ATL Meetup Threads are a series of threads where people roleplay as denizens of different timelines and have a chat, originally developed by Beta.003. Over time it has mutated into a more consolidated RP, which can be thought of as a spiritual successor to the Ban the Person Above You threads - much of the Ban Threads' regulars have become regulars there, and the character rosters of the two RPs somewhat overlap.

List of Meetups

Old Era

The Old Era of ATL Meetup Threads started on February 16, 2018 and ended on July 24, 2018. This era was mostly just people from other timelines communicating, and players tended to switch characters relatively frequently. However, even in this primal stage, seeds of yet to come have been planted: for example, Athena and Blue Sky made their first appearances there - even as mere shadows of the characters they have become, ripe with early installment weirdness.

Consolidation Era

The Consolidation Era of ATL Meetup Threads started on July 24, 2018 and ended on December 6, 2018. At this point, a wide enough base for the roleplay and character roster has been laid down, although these were yet to be firmly established. In addition, the first “true” plot arc, the Jacen Conner-Abigail Spencer romance, commenced during this time.

Post-consolidation Era

The Post-Consolidation Era of ATL Meetup Threads started on December 6, 2018 and ended on July 6th 2019, ending the saga of the Meetup

Frequent Users


Main Character List

Recurring Character List

Directory of Timelines (Non-Exhaustive)

  • TL-0: OTL. Played by various people. Some claim it's important to the multiverse, others believe there's nothing special about it.
  • TL-g64 (TL-…262464195387): Graham's Number. Created as an ASB experiment, effectively consists of a lot of references and hypersaturated evil. Suffered an apocalyptic war in 2110. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-14639: The Ban Thread universe. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-112153: Forticity/Centraxis, a universe with 4 spatial and 2 time dimensions, serves as headquarters of IRIS/MADI. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-1105318: A crossover of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Lest Darkness Fall, two novels. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-44029649537297: A world suffering invasion from a magical hive-mind parasite, starting December 21st, 2012. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-854222: The Galactic Empire from Star Wars occupied Earth on 2007/4 ABY and is currently building the Second Death Star there. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-256147914: Irene of Athens married Charlemagne, creating a new Roman Empire. Suffered a socialist revolution in the 1960s which was crushed. Played by Nucleep.
  • TL-ZQZ-6755: Similar to OTL, except a very-broad-strokes version of Equestria exists in western Canada, around the OTL northern British Columbia-Alberta border region. May be a reboot of the Bizzaroverse. Played by Glide08.
  • TL-1867J: The British Empire still exists and owns Japan. Played by Luxembourg.
  • TL-CON-FED-INVS-1997: rvbomally's Ad Astra Per Aspera. Played by Luxembourg.
  • TL-G2-07: The artificial intelligence Seven/Athena has united the world. Played by Luxembourg.
  • TL-ITM-551: Chinese-dominated world. Played by ETGalaxy.
  • TL-SUPRPWR: A meteor strikes an AH Earth in 2000, giving people superpowers. Played by FesteringSpore.
  • Kastrakon: Dragons existed, left Earth on the 21st century in search of another planet. Played by DracoLazarus.
  • TL-84-EA-24: George Orwell's 1984. Played by ajdb0614.
  • TL-QWP-5837: An insane AI built to kill Satan secretly manipulates a world into becoming a hellhole. Played by MrMonsterGuy18
  • Void: Home of the Alien Space Bats/Random Omnipotent Beings, exists beyond the multiverse itself. Played by Nucleep.
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