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Points of Divergence : Small arms, armour and equipment

Points of divergence dealing with alternate developments of various personal weapons. Entries in all of the POD sections are sorted as chronologically as possible.

General discussions

Melee small arms

Projectile small arms : Mechanical

Projectile small arms : Firearms

Alternate projectile weapons

An alternative technology to guns ?

Plausibility check: Wooden guns

Weirdest plausible firearms

Flintlocks and Roman legions

Pluasibility check: Nerf guns in a way that 19th century military technology will be lagging behind

Military Tactics Without Gunpowder

WI Europe rejects gunpowder ?

Alternate muskets

No Colt revolver

American Civil War with cartridge rifles

Plausibility check/Challenge: A more widespread Gatling Gun, specifically in Europe

WI: The British chose another rifle over the Martini-Henry

Minié ball not invented earlier

WI: Amerindian guncotton

Automatic Rifles from 1890

Plausibility check: Repeating rifles with pump/slide-action instead of bolt-action ?

Plausibility check: Earliest invention and deployment of a fully-automatic machine gun

WI: No M1911 semi-auto pistol ?

Was the .45 ACP M1911 inevitable ?

WI Goddard "Bazooka" in WWI ?

Dunlop John, or the British Bazooka

Challenge: A British WWII assault rifle

Best possible SMG with 1943 technology ?

Post-WWII Czechoslovak arms industry if it remains non-communist

No AK-47

WI: Main battle rifles upgraded and mass-produced to this day

The British adopt the EM-2 assault rifle

WI: 7 x 44mm NATO cartridge

WI the US military retains the M-14 rifle ? (1)

WI the US military retains the M-14 rifle ? (2)

WI the US adopted the FN FAL ?

SIG 226 beating out the Beretta 92 as the US service pistol

ASB WI: "Guns of the..." firearm ISOT

ASB WI: Guns fail

The future of the AK-47 ?

Various alternate and fantasy firearm ideas

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Body armour

See Also

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